Swimming in hurricanes.....most people think it's crazy but for Jonathan Spector it's just another day at the office. When his hometown of Long Beach, NY was evacuated as Hurricane Irene approached, Jonathan grabbed his photography equipment and ran towards the beach. Just like in any other hurricane or winter storm, there are fears when Jonathan is in the water. However, he is drawn to photography in rough surf especially during the winter months. The lighting, texture and shapes of the waves crashing over him is both exciting and frightening. Jonathan uses an SPL Camera Housing to protect his Canon 1DX Mark IV along with a pair of flippers to navigate in dangerous rip currents. Jonathan says he is fascinated by the natural beauty he captures with his camera.

Jonathan Spector is a self-taught award winning surf photographer living in Long Beach, NY. He travels all over the world taking pictures of waves, surfers and of the most beautiful beaches. His interest in photography started twenty years ago when he became a high school counselor. Ironically, Jonathan spends most of his day advising teenagers about being responsible and counseling them for risky behaviors. Another part of his job is college counseling. Jonathan visits and takes pictures of colleges around the country so his students and their families can learn about different schools. Photography became his passion. He has since been able to combine both pasdions: Photography and surfing. As a surf photographer, Jonathan has traveled the world taking pictures of beautiful waves and he has won awards at national juried shows. Some of his most recent awards include: 2nd Place in Photography at the 2016 Mystic Art Show, 3rd Place in Photography at the 2017 Bruce Museum Fine Art Show in Greenwich, Connecticut and 1st place in Photography at the 2015 Westhampton Outdoor Art Show. Jonathan also shows his work on with the best surf photographers from around the world. His work has been published by Eastern Surf Magazine and You can see examples of his recent installations at the Home Decor Gallery page. Please visit his Best Sellers Gallery for the most popular images and Instragm @Jonathanspectorphotography
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